Remedies for Acne

Dry Skin Remedies

Treating your skin with a home milk bath is soothing and relaxing. Milk contains lactic acid that helps to trap the moisture in your skin. You can apply this by resting the cloth above the affected area for five minutes This will be a great home treatment for dry skin. Other do-it-yourself solutions include everyday kitchen items including vegetable oil, petroleum jelly, peanut essential oil. Apply this to the affected areas to give a moisture boost.acne 2

Acne Remedies

Some home remedies for Acne treatment includes using toothpaste to the affected area.This dries and heals the pimple. By using Lavender Oil, helps to prevent the scarring that is left on the skin when the pimple dries out. It also helps to heal the inflammation of the pimple.
Prevent Acne

Prevention is always better than cure. Always wash your face with mild soap and use a face wash product. Drink acne 1about eight glasses of water every day it keeps you hydrated, and your skin balance the moisture.Exercise regularly and have a well-balanced diet as well. Avoid using dirty towels to wipe your face as it will generate germs in your skin and leaves you with infection afterward.Avoid squeezing rubbing and touching the pimples, so the bacteria would not spread to your skin.

Preventing acne will boost your self-confidence.most of the teens and adults suffer from this as they fear to face the society and that it will give them a bad impression.There are many treatments available.

Remember, the simple methods are always useful to have a clear and beautiful skin. You can also get some treatments from your doctor in case you suffer from acne that won’t go away.