Natural Vegan Soy Based Candles

ss 2 22The vegan soy based candles from Opal & Wonder are carefully hand crafted and due responsibility is taken so as to ensure that all the natural power of vegan soy is fully harnessed. Preferences do vary and with regard to this individuals do have unique senses with which they would want their vegan soy candles.

This is an aspect that has been well taken care as Opal & Wonder offers its clients only products which have been made using premium and pure high grade fragrance which will without a doubt give out suitable custom scents.

The ingredients composition for the vegan soy candles are all 100% natural essential oils, cotton wicks, vegan soy wax and customized perfume scents.

This allows for a product which is naturally clean burning, easily hand poured and gives lots of pleasant look which should accompany any healthy environment. In addition the ingredients used are also certified by the United States Drug and Food Administration agency and this implies that the given products are safe to use.

Labeling is also another treat which Opal & Wonders do give to clients who settle on having some wholesale natural vegan soy based candles. Opal & Wonder believes in the power that accompanies any private labeling and this can create a powerful visual image through which clients can grow their reputation.

Private labels do serve as a highly alluring sales tool and it does add a lot of sense to any business setup. It is possible to have the clients’ preferred names or business branding on the given products and this kind of personalization helps to bring out the all-natural personal feel and touch that would accompany anything that is natural sweet scented.

Packaging is a highly essential factor as this is what determines the natural taste and love with which clients can get to feel their preferred vegan soy candles. The packaging materials are mostly made using reusable plastic tumblers and in some cases using wickless melts.

The other advantage of this kind of handling is that clients can find it superbly easy to store any of these products and use them without experiencing any kind of hurdles. When clients make a purchase from Opal & Wonder, lots of discounts are given and this means that loads of products can be shopped. Delivery is easy and clients can have their preferred wholesale natural vegan soy based candles at any quantity and time they would want.